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latestdesign_2images 1: Architecture of HybridMAX by BSO Technologies

In order to fullfill requirenment to enlarge wireless coverage, WiMAX 802.16 was created and this technologies is said as an upgrade and problem solver of limitation in WiFi system. Our HybridMAX system combine WiMAX with WiFi technology to increase distance and radius of coverage. From the picture above, the basestation that is Micromax is connected to several ProST and ProST WiFi where after that connected to Access point as the last mile. The connection between basestation and ProST use WiMAX 5.8GHz unlicense frequency and it able to travel up to 50km radius. As seen in the picture, WiMAX also can be use as a backhaul to connect two different network without wire and this is good in situation where laying cable is almost imposible. in our HybridMAX architecture we also provide equipment know as Secure Wireless Controller to manage and control wireless user by bandwidth allocater, content filtering, account and billing, autentication and restriction and many other management process. If you interested in our technologies please don’t hesitate to call us and we are always ready to help you..

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