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Currently i didn’t involve in any wireless or networking project.. I’m supporting engineering team to install and uninstall hardwares at district offices arround selangor district.The task is almost same like tasks i’ve done while working at my previous company at Malacca, mean that it is not a problem to me..Until today, works at every district office has completed and the work continue at SUK Selangor located at Shah Alam.


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Vertex Wireless Gateway

vw copy

Ini adalah satu lagi wireless gateway yang sedang diuji pakai.Produk dari korea ini keluaran Vertex Wireless menyedia beberapa fungsi iaitu sebagai Access Point, 3G modem, router dan CDMA 1xEV-DO Rev A semua dalam sebuah alat yg cantik dan bergaya..b. Dengan keupayaan untuk berfungsi dimana2x kerana terbina di dalamnya bateri yang boleh dicas semula selain menggunakan kuasa 5v DC, alat ini  boleh dibawa kemana sahaja dan memudahkan penggunanya berhubung dengan rakan-rakan melalui rangkaian 3G atau CDMA EV-DO. Ulasan berkaitan alat ini akan dikemaskini pada masa akan datang.

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Current project from BSO Technologies

Project name: Supply and Install WiMAX WLAN Bridge at KSKB Sg Buloh

Client: Kolej Sains Kesihatan Bersekutu Sg Buloh

Contractor/System Installer: BSO Technologies Sdn Bhd.

Project Duration: 3 weeks

Technologies: WiMAX IEEE802.16 & WiFi IEEE802.11b/g


maps show the location of project

KSKB generally is a health college produced physiotherapist, radiotherapist, environmental health and other else. Before this, the network coverage only cover the college main building and not the hostel and hostel management office. The need of the network that intergrate with KSKB network and internet access at the hostel area are critical especially on the new student registration day. BSO proposed KSKB the WLAN Bridge  solution to create the connection between College and Hostel building because between this two site there are a small hill and on top of the hill there are several high-tension electricity power cable.

kskb copy

WiMAX 5.8GHz was used to create a backhaul connection and in this project, product by Airspan was used.Three WiMAX equipments with their accesories that are MicroMAX Base Station, ProST and ProST-WiFi. All of this equipment are an outdoor equipment that robust to environment and passed IP66 standard. In the end of the installation phase, the test on signal received between 3 item  produced successful result 16QAM signal that ensure full speed WiMAX connection. The project was succesfully initiate and completed and only wait for training phase with KSKB IT department person.


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C-motech CXR-100


Hi, in this post i would like to introduce to all of this blog reader about this CXR-100 C-motech multi function device. As seen in the picture this hardware actually is wireless broadband router that support 3G UMTS WCDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA. Below is the detail specification of the device.

– support CDMA 1x/Rev.0/Rev.A


– support Wireless LAN AP (IEEE 802.11b/g with max speed 54Mbps)

– remote user friendly web-based management tool

– automatic network speed up to 10/100Mbps search

– 1 WAN port 1 LAN port

– USB 2.0 plug & play Interface support any USB broadband modem

– powered using  5v DC & 1.5A power only

Share your broadband connection anywhere you want. Using this device you can expand your connection and keep connected especially at the places that does not have any fixed line internet connection.Enjoy..any inquiry please contact me..happy to serve your better.

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Welcome to my blog..thank you for visiting this this blog i would like to talk about anything related to wireless, computer engineering, software development, management and also about my work as an engineer at BSO Technologies Sdn Bhd. everybodys welcome to visit and discuss through this blog and hope in the end we could gain some good information eventually transformed our live into even better life.

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