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WLAN-WiMAX Project at KPJIC Nilai

This time i would like to share about my current work at KPJIC Kota Seriemas Nilai Negeri Sembilan.

From the google earth images you can see that KPJIC consist of 2 main building which is the main admin building situated office, classes, auditorium and the other side is the puteri emas hostel for girl student.The purpose of this project is to provide full WiFi coverage for entire campus and hostel and in the future they would like to expand the coverage with new building development within that area.

For this project, BSO Technologies proposed to KPJIC a HybridMAX solution that combined WiMAX and WiFi technology to ensure larger coverage and trusted link between 2 site building.HybridMAX is the most convenience solution because to link up hostel and main building, KPJIC unable to lay any cable or any other wired media because between that building there are pipes of oil and gas own by Petronas. Using 5.8Ghz WiMAX signal, the two site can be link up so that the student in the hostel also can get internet access from their main college network.

The physical network design is such belom but on the installation day, all ProST WiFi was relocated from auditorium to the hostel. The distance between main building and hostel is almost 200 meter make it impossible to lay Cat6 cable and to lay fiber it is too expensive and not suitable since the usage at the hostel is only for surfing and low bandwidth usage.

In the main building, equipment installed are
-1 Airspan 5.8GHz Base Station (Backhaul)
-1 RGNet A4 (triple A Server-hotspot management server)
-1 3Com Switch 24 port
-9 3Com 8769 802.11a/b/g PoE Access Point

In the hostel (5 floor building), equipments installed are
-3 ProST-WiFi 5.8GHz (backhaul connection)
-3 3Com switch 24 port
-3 6U wall mount rack
-11 3Com 8769 802.11a/b/g PoE Access Point

Every equipment has been installed and fully function and waiting for official launch and equipment training lead by BSO Technologies sdn bhd.For more information about HybridMAX please surf through this web page because there are explanation about HybridMAX from my previous post.

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R&D with MIMOS

MIMOS currently doing a lot of R&D to search for equipments to suit broadband coverage need in rural area in Malaysia. Through Universal Service Provider Fund allocated by Ministry Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), all WiMAX provider in Malaysia are looking for that fund and to earn that fund this WiMAX provider need to use equipment provided by MIMOS.

BSO Technologies Sdn Bhd has been appointed by Airspan as Malaysian representative also take part in this R&D with MIMOS and by this time, the R&D process has been started and BSO has give their full intention to this project.The end of this R&D is where the WiMAX equipment MicroMAXe will be sell to the WiMAX provider such as P1,AMAX and RedTone and installed by them to build WiMAX coverage in rural area because currently this providers only gave their WiMAX services in main town area only.

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