TM launch CDMA Data for Home Usage

Did you know that, in Shah Alam Selangor, TM has launched internet service via CDMA network.CDMA network is different from Streamyx because the network connected through Wireless between your home and TM cloud.For starting, TM only provide this services for area in Shah Alam that does not covered by Streamyx network. The advantage of using this service is since the network are still new, so the number of current user are small make the network faster. And since it is wireless, your internet became mobile and you can use it anywhere as long as you are in the CDMA coverage area.



  1. lankapo said


    is it like wifi but greater coverage how about the speed?

  2. azmiiwireless said

    so much same as maxis or celcom broadband..but this is technology using different channel radio and bandwidth i’m not sure about it.please go to TMPoint for more info.thank you…

  3. Ee Fan said

    the speed is only 384kbps but the good about it is it dont have any capping limit like celcom or maxis broadband. The monthly is RM60.

  4. Ee Fan said

    But for the first time u have to buy a CDMA modem cost RM599.

  5. semy said

    yea thats right…the modem for CDMA too expensive and currently huawei the only modem supplier for this service.

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